Registered Dietitian Miami

People who have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight, have found that a Registered Dietitian in Miami can help them be successful. It not that dietitians know magic brews or special foods that make fat fall off in seconds, it’s that they have the training in nutrition and help you change your eating habits. Those changes will be both big and small, but after you learn how to eat healthier, you’ll find that losing weight is easy. It’s not magic, but it may seem like it when you experience it.

NO, NO, NO! It’s not dieting.

When you hear the word dietitian, you automatically think of a diet. After all, it’s the first part of the word. It’s referring to what you eat, your diet, not a calorie restricted or other type of diet. Nutritionists and dietitians don’t give you this strict list of foods you should eat every night, but instead show you how to make smarter decisions when selecting foods. It might be as simple as choosing whole grain bread over white bread for more nutrition or eating brown rice or wild rice instead of more processed rice.

Learning to eat healthier can be quite tasty.

Forget the thought of endless days of celery and rice cakes…unless you absolutely love both. Eating healthy is more than just good for you. It tastes good too. Once you clear your palate of fried foods and get over your addiction to sugary or processed foods, you’ll start to notice the true flavor and subtleties that whole foods offer. Think gourmet! That’s right, healthy foods include a lot of herbs and spices that add nutrients and flavor without adding calories. It can be spicy, rich and inviting if you want it to be.

You’ll learn that you don’t have to give up healthy eating for a one night binge on Ben and Jerry’s.

Everyone eats unhealthy once in a while, they just don’t make it a habit. Whether it’s having a slice of a birthday cake or the occasional quickie burger, you’re bound to have unhealthy foods pass your lips. Those little slips aren’t a problem. Unlike a diet that ends when you slip up and eat “forbidden foods,” eating healthy never ends. You just continue to make smart choices without making a big deal of eating a particular food. One thing you’ll often find is that the “forbidden foods” often don’t taste that good after you’ve not eaten them for a while.

Eating healthy is not only beneficial for weight loss, it’s also a boost to your overall health.

Dietitians can provide a wealth of resources to help guide you toward healthy eating. They even have healthy meals categorized for those on a budget, so it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Some dietitians also have training in the benefits of exercise. The dietitian may suggest you get regular exercise, which can be as simple as taking a daily walk.

Make small changes you can build on, rather than huge changes you can’t maintain. Start slowly by substituting one food for another and stick with foods you like that are healthy. Changing lifestyle habits don’t occur overnight, but those small changes can make it happen.