Nutrition Miami

You don’t have to turn your back on conventional medicine to benefit from simple nutrition in Miami. In fact, simple nutritional information actually follows the recommendation of conventional medicine, but is far more in depth than you’d receive from most physicians or healthcare providers. That’s because nutritionists and dietitians who provide it have more training in the area of the benefits of eating healthier. Their training focuses exclusively on health and diet, while physicians often have just a few hours of training in nutrition. That’s not putting down healthcare providers, just saying they have more to learn, so nutrition takes a backseat.

Your body is a beautiful machine, be careful about the fuel you use.

Every machine needs the proper fuel to function at optimal level. Your body is no different. In fact, like a car, both cease running well when you put sugar in the tank. Being well means having an absence of disease. If everything is running properly, it significantly reduces the potential for illness. However, if you’re constantly eating junk food, filling your body with empty calories from processed foods—many of which have an ingredient list that looks like a chemistry quiz—and lacking important nutrients, something has to give and often that’s your health.

Man lived long before Twinkies were available.

Yeah, it’s not just Twinkies that are bad, but all the processed treats that you find begging you to eat them. They’re everywhere from gas station counters to check out counters at the grocery. To make it even worse, it’s not just what you eat that matters, but also what you drink. Many studies find that carbonated beverages play havoc with your health and weight. Even worse, so do low calorie carbonated beverages. One study showed that diet soda increased the waistline and added visceral fat—really bad, life threatening fat. These drinks and treats were created by man and not part of the overall plan for good health.

Everything you do affects your well being, especially how you eat.

It’s not so difficult to understand that the food that benefits you the most is food that is closest to natural. Cooking removes many of the benefits from some food and the high amount of processing strips them away too. Before you know it, you’re eating more but benefiting less from the food you eat. Man was not born with a bowl of sugar next to him or given a bag of potato chips in the wild. These food selections are relatively new. Many of the processed foods contain ingredients humans can’t digest. That causes serious conditions and illnesses.

A nutritionist will create a plan tailored to you and your needs. It considers more than just allergies, but personal taste and lifestyle too.

Real nutrition will help you eat your way to good health by providing the nutrients you need and avoiding the junk food that nobody needs.

Eating naturally can help reduce the potential for serious conditions and even lower the risk for those who already have a problem. For instance, eating healthy can lower the risk for a second heart attack by as much as 70%.

Healthy eating isn’t following a diet, but learning to make smarter food choices. It’s not strict or limiting like a diet and never leaves you feeling hungry or deprived.