Local Dietitian Miami

Step away from your TV and put away your credit card. Even if the infomercial says you’ll lose scads of weight and look years younger with the help of this handy dandy super deluxe diet and herbal remedy, you’re far better off getting advice from a credentialed professional, such as a local dietitian in Miami, than one somewhere out there in TV land. Advice you get from a local dietitian is geared specifically to your situation, eating habits, preferences and health issues.

Working with a dietitian doesn’t mean you’ll get a diet.

Dietitians know that diets don’t work. They’re restrictive and worse of all, always end. The dietitian will first learn more about you. He or she will learn about your food preferences, lifestyle, schedule and even health issues you may have. Based on that information, the dietitian will make recommendations on how to eat healthier. He or she may suggest substituting one food for another, such as whole grain brain instead of white bread, for more nutrition. You’ll learn how to eat healthy when eating in restaurants or on the go, plus how to cook healthier meals at home.

If it sounds like a diet, it isn’t, because you have choices and can even eat some foods you love.

If you’re very favorite food is cake, you don’t have to give it up forever to be healthy and slim. In fact, you can still eat it, just not as often and in smaller amounts. Unlike diets, you never end eating healthy with one food or one meal. If you hate broccoli, it won’t be one of the recommendations. However, for those broccoli lovers, the nutritionist will help you with recipes that contain it. For people that are busy, the focus will be on quick meals and eating in restaurants or packing a lunch. If you have health issues, you’ll learn to eat foods that will help it. You pick the foods, but with the knowledge that came from the nutritionist.

Dietitians and nutritionists can help you with more than just weight loss.

What you eat affects your whole body, not just your weight. Eating unhealthy can lead to serious conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and more. Some foods actually help reduce the potential of these serious illnesses or conditions, while others actually help reduce the severity. There are foods that are anti-inflammatories that can help reduce pain and others that can help boost your immune system. Nutritionists consider your present state of health and help you learn the foods that are most beneficial for you.

Dietitians may also have knowledge in other areas pertaining to a healthy lifestyle, such as exercise. In fact, most dietitians will suggest you at least walk every day and may even help with other lifestyle changes.

A local dietitian can help you achieve your peak performance if you’re an athlete. What you eat is as important as physical training and mental conditioning.

You’ll find meal planning is easy with the help of a local dietitian. They can even focus on lower cost meals because they know which produce is in season.

When you decide to make changes in your eating habits, choose a Registered Dietitian or Licensed Nutritionist.