Dietitian Miami

Some people who go to a dietitian in Miami for weight loss and expect to hear about the amount of fat in specific foods. They’re often quite surprised when they find out that some of the foods that dietitians recommend are actually higher in fat. That’s because it isn’t always the fat that’s the culprit. In fact, one study showed that olive oil and nut consumption in unlimited amounts found in a Mediterranean was superior for weight loss compared to a low fat diet over a five year period.

Dietitians will also tell you that a healthy diet is as, if not more, important than exercise.

It should never be an either or situation. You should have regular exercise and a healthy diet, but if you had to choose, a healthy diet should probably be at the top of your list. No matter how hard you try, you can’t exercise off an unhealthy diet. While exercise helps you build muscle strength, improve flexibility, build endurance and aid balance, it won’t help you shed pounds if you don’t adjust your diet. It also won’t help deter diseases and conditions if the only fuel you give you body is junk. Losing weight is more about what you put into your body, rather than the number of calories you burn.

You don’t have to count calories if you make smart choices about what you eat.

Counting calories or adding carbs can be cumbersome. There’s only one reason to do it and that’s to be more aware of what and how much you’re eating. In most cases, if you make smart food choices and stick to whole foods with more servings of vegetables and little if any sugar, you’ll probably start shedding pounds. Steering clear of highly processed foods and eating more whole foods goes a long way in helping you lose weight without all the calorie calculating.

Carbs are actually good for you.

Dietitians know there are two different types of carbs, simple and complex. There’s plenty of research that shows that even whole grain bread can help you lose weight, but not white bread. It has to do with the processing and fiber content of each. Simple carbs, such as sugar and refined foods are actually the culprit, so why not just focus on foods that are closest to natural, also known as whole foods.

Dietitians don’t always agree with clients who think they have to lose weight. If the client has an unrealistic body image they want to achieve, or an unhealthy one, the nutritionist will let them know.

You’ll be amazed at just how good and how many selections there are for healthy food. It’s not all rice cakes and celery. In fact, rice cakes may not even make the list.

Dietitians show you how to eat healthier and give you plans and recipes that you can cook for the whole family. Healthy eating helps normalize weight, so even people who don’t need to lose weight benefit from it.

You won’t get a diet to lose weight from a dietitian, because diets don’t work, and they always end. Rather, you’ll learn to make smarter choices in food. Even if you eat an occasional unhealthy treat, it doesn’t matter.